We’ve produced two plays and partnered with Broads’ Word Ensemble for two plays in 50 – 99 seat houses on Theater Row and in North Hollywood.


We’ve produced six short films on Red epic, Cannon 7D, and 5D involving forty two cast members and complimentary crew members.

Live Shows

We’ve produced annual improv and comedy shows since our inception.

About Us


Established in Los Angeles in 2009, Fed by Fire Productions was founded during a time of economic uncertainty.  The name Fed by Fire refers to the unexpected positive effects of wild fires.  New trees have the opportunity to grow after

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Dario doesn’t know that those couple of hours that he shared his life on stage, he opened my heart to appreciate everything that I have, the people of my country, my family, the struggles that made me stronger, and especially to embrace one more time the injustice in this world, but at the same time the power we have to make it a better. I applaud you and thank you Dario, what I beautiful life sharing moment.

Audience Member American Ese

We spent the entire ride home discussing how impressed we were with the show. Your cast is wonderful and everyone delivered a top-notch performance!

Don Russel Closer by Patrick Marber