We are excited to invite you to Fed by Fire Productions’ premiere presentation of Closer by Patrick Marber.

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8:00 pm Friday, March 12th
8:00 pm Saturday, March 13th
4:00 pm Sunday, March 14th (Alice understudy)

8:00 pm Friday, March 19th (Alice understudy)
8:00 pm Friday, March 20th
4:00 pm Sunday, March 21st


The Flight Theatre at The Complex Hollywood
6476 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90038


$10 pre-sale online or via our reservation line sponsored by BodyBlog Map Tees 1-800-627-8337

$20 at the door


Sylvia Loehndorf as Alice
Kylie Wright as Anna
Max Bird-Ridnell as Dan
Brandon Hayes as Larry
Jerin Julia as Alice Understudy

Production Team

Jeremy Lewit, Director
Charles Shaw
Michael Fallon
Marcus Choi
Stephen Visocan

Closer by Patrick Marber
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